Pastor Zane Johnson

Zane Johnson was born into a Muslim family in Amman, Jordan and received the Lord as a teenager. Disowned by her father and ostracized by her family for converting to Christianity, Pastor Zane turned tragedy into triumph, daily laughing her way through life. You will be delighted and refreshed by her humor as the power of God forges its way deeper into your life through her practical teaching and powerful altar ministry – especially for healing.

Pastor Zane’s energetic, personal approach to the Word of God motivates and inspires those to whom she ministers to. Travelling worldwide alongside her husband, she ministers to leaders and lay people alike, changing lives and building the kingdom of God.

Now you can keep up with Mrs. Johnson via her blog: ENTER ZANE’S WORLD

“Not My Father’s God” – Pastor Zane Johnson Testimony

A powerful and inspiring testimony of a young Middle Eastern woman, born in Amman, Jordan, growing up and becoming a Christian. Being disowned, losing her family and everything she knew, she trusted in God to bring her through. Now, she ministers all over the world preaching that when Allah couldn’t answer her, Jehovah could and did. Jesus Christ is real, and He is the only true God! She has been helping her husband, Dr. Stephen Johnson, Pastor Life Christian Church (formerly His Church Christian Fellowship) in San Diego since 1987.

Let her story encourage you – God has destiny for you, He has a good future and plan for you, too.