Robert Barriger

Robert and Karyn Barriger
Mission Field: Peru
Ministry: Camino de Vida (Life Missions)

Pastor Robert and his family have been missionaries in Peru for over twenty years. He first started out ministering in the hot jungles, but eventually moved to Lima, the capital of Peru, to minister to youth. With a handful of young but excited believers, he started a church, and now today Camino de Vida is a fast growing church of 5,000. Not only that, but Pastor Robert is involved in a nationwide church planting movement, starting Camino de Vida churches all across the country. Furthermore, Pastor Robert has a deep love for children, and helped start two orphanages that even the government recognizes its excellence in providing care for children, that most children are referred to either of these orphanages. Currently, Pastor Robert is involved in distributing wheelchairs to the disabled. It is a growing ministry to the physically challenged in the country.