Reverend Faith Johnson Lara

Faith Johnson Lara is the Worship Leader here at Life Christian Church. Born and raised as a Pastor’s daughter, she traveled with her family across the globe and witnessed the miraculous nature of God at work. These ministry experiences shaped her heart with an understanding and love for God and His Church, and created the foundation from which she writes songs and ministers in worship.

Faith knew what she was called to do from a very early age. In elementary school, she began leading worship in children’s ministry, and as she grew, she led youth group and adult services. In 2009, she was offered the leadership of the Worship Team at Life Christian Church in Vista (her home church), and since that time has been invited to lead and teach in conferences, services, and events in the U.S. and abroad. In 2011, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, and in 2015 she was ordained as a Minister under Stephen Johnson Ministries and with the blessing and laying on of hands by Dr. Mark Barclay.

Faith’s greatest strength is flowing in the prophetic song, and she writes from this place; to create scripturally sound and prophetically driven songs. With listeners in over 85 countries, Faith continues to release worship that inspires believers and builds the Church as she works to complete her album, “Walk on the Water.”